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We’re Power Concrete, We have been working since 2000 in Construction project around Houston, GaLvEstOn, Texas City, La Marque, La Porte, Dickinson, League City.For you free estimate call Us. 832.949.1368

Do you need a design Driveway?


Your project is a goal for Us. If you got idea or design. We can do Possible, check some examples that we done around TeXaS, since 2000.



We're committed with Job that through years, We have been doing to continuous improvement and keep working by people can see finished project home.



Power Concrete & Construction, owner family business, keep doing Concrete driveways but with New Concepts. Evolve, and being able to show customers the different variants of Modern Construction, We know that each people got different style, this is the reason we're growing up experience and we can satisfy each client who permit to Power Concrete & Construction, and allow Us collaborate on your projects. 

Driveway's Ideas

Driveway can see like this, 

Concrete with black small rocks, make bigger difference.


Driveway concept has been changed!!! 


If you're  people that like see different style around you house, this is Perfect for you. 

You got idea for you driveway, Perfect! Allow collaborate by you can see finished.